Carolyn Crawford on the Issues

Creating Jobs

As our Republican State Representative, Carolyn Crawford has worked to improve our pro-business atmosphere in Mississippi by keeping taxes low, getting government out of the way, and reducing burdensome regulations that hinder job growth.

Lowering Healthcare Costs

Healthcare costs continue to increase, which puts a strain on the hard working people of District 121. Carolyn Crawford has fought to lower our healthcare costs.

Improving Education

Carolyn is married to a public school teacher, whose children attend local public schools. She understands the importance of good education. That is why she has help to implement conservative solutions to improve Mississippi's education system.  By investing in education at historic levels, giving teacher pay raises, and restoring local control of curriculum, Carolyn has invested in Mississippi's future. 


Cutting Wasteful Spending

A fiscal conservative, Republican Carolyn Crawford knows we must reduce spending in Jackson because we cannot continue to pass debt onto Mississippi's future generations. During her 4 years of service, Mississipppi has reduced our debt and has been able to balance the state's budget. 

Public Retirement System

Carolyn Crawford is committed to protecting our Public Employee Retirement System.  She will not support any plan to eliminate the 13th check or change the arrangement current retirees and current employees have with PERS.